Another Song About [Your Name]

by The Morning Drive

Our debut album released January 20, 2018. We wrote it about you.

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Since their formation in 2014, The Morning Drive have been growing their fan base the most authentic way they know how: play a lot of shows and give it everything they got. Their philosophy is if you’re at the show, then you’re part of the family. And if you can sing or play, don’t be surprised if they call you up on stage. 2018 was a big year for The Morning Drive, who released their first full-length album, headlined two packed-house shows at two story Fresno venue Fulton 55, and expanded into the Bay Area at venues such as Hotel Utah Saloon and Brick & Mortar in SF. In their September 2018 issue, Fresno Flyer wrote on their live performance, “The approachability is undeniable, they have a universal sound, it was evident – there were hipsters and mature professionals, a few metal-heads, and dare I say, grandparents relaxing with a glass of wine at a back table... Funk. Blues-rock. Folk. It’s hard to imagine they left anyone out with their buffet-style display of writing prowess which included trombones, a violin, trumpet, and yes, the saxophone. And there was no mistaking the amount of fun they were all having – the energy, the enthusiasm was palpable. They performed like a cohesive unit all riding the same wave.” Their music gathers friends and builds memories that etch themselves into the most nostalgic recesses of your heart and mind. With roots in Fresno, San Luis Obispo and San Jose and friends all over California, when The Morning Drive sound the horn, they bring the people and a good time.


Photo Location: an attic in San Luis Obispo, CA, 2011

The site of many a jam session and friendships formed