Another Song About [Your Name]

by The Morning Drive

Our debut album released January 20, 2018. We wrote it about you.

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SLO attic (brightness down 150).jpg

The Morning Drive was born in Fresno, CA in July of 2014, but their conception resides in the attic of a San Luis Obispo apartment in 2011. It was there that Daniel (vocals) met Alex (guitar) while jamming with family and friends. Cousin Adam (drums) would occasionally visit and join to create fond memories and inspiring tunes. Three years later, the final pieces would come together with the addition of their studly friend Brian on the bass and talented vocalist Brandalyn, in response to a request to open for a friend's band at the historic Tokyo Garden in Downtown Fresno. More than anything, The Morning Drive loves any excuse to bring family and friends together for an inviting, stellar experience with their laid-back attitude and funk-folk-rock-pop-central coast inspired tunes.

Photo Location: San Luis Obispo, CA, 2011